The bibliography offered here began to be compiled by Pere Pau Ripollès in the 1990s in a FileMaker document called 'numismaster', maintained for years collaboratively with the help of various researchers. This file was converted in 2015 to Zotero, and since 2020 bibliographical references began to be included directly in Daedalus. In this last phase, the bibliographic base of Enrique de Río was incorporated, completing many gaps in the system.  In this final phase about 3000 documents were incorporated in pdf so that the web could offer searches within the texts. The bibliography exhaustively compiles all those works that have been dedicated to the ancient coinages of the Iberian Peninsula from a broad perspective. It often happens that the cultural, chronological and geographical limits of research are permeable and Iberian numismatics is integrated into the broader framework of Greek, Punic, Roman or Celtic numismatics.
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