The MIB project is being developed in Valencia, within two leading institutions in numismatic research.

For more than 30 years, the Universitat de València has been the most important research centre on the ancient coinages of the Iberian Peninsula.This work has been led by Professor Pere Pau Ripollès, a renowned researcher in relation to the ancient coinages of the Iberian Peninsula, with  an extensive curriculum and international prestige, since he is currently Vice President of the International Council of Numismatics. His participation in the Online Greek Coinage (OGC) project provides him with additional experience in the framework of international pioneering initiatives in relation to the systematization of the ancient coinages online.

The Museu de Prehistòria de València
has been working for years in collaboration with the Universitat de València and has extensive experience in the design of humanities databases, specifically for the management of digital collections and their online publication.The curator Manuel Gozalbes Fernández de Palencia is the creator and responsible of the 50 data tables that the Museum employs for the daily management of the collections, that currently exceed 300.000 records. He is also responsible for the website of the museum whose contents are generated directly from these internal data tables. His long career as a researcher on the ancient coinages of the Iberian Peninsula provides the knowledge and perspective necessary for the challenge of this digital data base project.


Manuel Gozalbes
: Curator at the Museu de Prehistòria de Valencia. He has worked for several years in collaboration with the University of Valencia and has a long experience building heritage databases, specifically for the management of archaeological collections and their publication online. He manages the Museum’s database (currently more than 500,000 records), and is coordinator for its website, whose contents are directly generated from the internal data management system. His research focuses on the ancient coinage of the Iberian Peninsula.

Carlos Gómez Bellard
: Professor of Archaeology, at the Universitat de València. His research focuses on the Phoenician-Punic world, especially the Punic cities in the western Mediterranean. He will contextualize monetary production within the civic/ethnic framework, providing detailed accounts of the coinage of the Punic cities, particularly from the religious and iconographic standpoint. He has led international research projects in collaboration with the Universities of Glasgow (UK) and Brown (USA).

Consuelo Mata-Parreño is Professor of Archaeology at the Universitat de València. She specialises inthe economic, ecological and social and gender-related aspects of the Iberian Iron Age. She will provide cultural and social context for the coinage, as well as archaeological context for dating the issues and coin circulation.

Agustín Diez Castillo: Associate Professor of Archaeology at the Universitat de Valencia; he is an expert in the use of GIS technologies, as well as in the adoption of the production economy in the Iberian Peninsula during the Iron Age. He will focus on the implementation of statistical analytical tools, as well as the GIS protocol for study of spatial relations of cities and objects, find-spots and hoards.